Monday, February 27, 2012

Innocence Aged !!!!

Age can play such a part,
In our life to set it apart,
We had nothing when we were young,
But we were happier than ever then,
So what has changed our lives now,
Why have we forgotten our childhood somehow,
How we were free n happy,
With nothing to worry besides a full belly
            Innocently we would fight,
                                                      Holding on to our toys tight,
                                                      How times change when we get old,
                                                      We lose our innocence which is worth gold,
                                                      We fight we bicker to no end,
                                                      Age plays such a part,
                                                      I wish my childhood and me would never part,
                                                      Happiness is what we felt then,
                                                      Today life has left no true  happiness within.
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