Friday, October 31, 2008

When I Was...

It is always said one never realizes what one has till one doesn’t have it no more. We never realize the value of a person till the person is no more. We human beings are strange. We know all of this and yet we never seem to learn or implement any of this. We yet take things for granted, we yet take people for granted and we yet take every relationship for granted.

My grandfather expired 2 days ago. I will never forget those last few moments that I had with him. It was a peaceful death to an eventful life. A life that lasted for 101 years. It is said that when a soul leaves the body it is yet in the environment for 12 days before it takes birth as a new being. The whole family was there when he was ill.

I was thinking to myself and was trying to imagine what my grandfather would have said had he seen everyone after he expired and what would he be telling himself.

“When I was alive I was in my room by myself all day. When I was alive hardly anyone came to see me and talk to me and help me pass time. When I was alive nobody told me they loved me or even expressed themselves to let me know what I meant to them. When I was alive all my complaints seemed like a person tired of life cribbing all the time. When I was alive everyone was busy and had their own lives to lead and never had time to spend with me. When I called on the telephone my loved ones made excuses and used to not talk for long or not even answer for that matter. When I was alive all these things would have meant the world to me at least in the last few years of my wonderful life.

Now I am no more and everyone comes home and spends time in the very room where I felt lonely. My loved ones come now and talk about me when I am no more to listen to them and smile. Everyone seems to have found time from somewhere when they had none when I was alive. Suddenly everyone started to miss me and love me but I aint there to hear or feel that emotion no more. Now that I am no more everyone suddenly understand my value but I aint there to feel good about that fact.

What’s the use of all of this now that I am no more? Why would people not understand how important it is to let one know how much they mean to them? When we are alive and here people take it for granted that we always going to be here and we know how much we are wanted.

I have a question do we really know how much we are wanted? Do we really understand our value without someone telling us so? Don't you ever want to know how much we are loved? Don’t you ever want to hear those words from your loved ones? I wish nothing like this happens to any of us where we also tell ourselves when I was alive.....Lets make sure our loved ones know what they mean to us and how much we love them.