Friday, March 9, 2012

Keep the Faith.....

Age catches us all,
No matter how much we run from the toll,
I remember picking myself up year after year each time I fall.

Life has a lot of good in it,
We must have faith in it,
Sometimes things don't go to plan,
Perhaps they turn out better when left to just span.

Don’t worry so much about tomorrow,
You can stop the impending sorrow,
Today you can control & live for a while,
And live through all life’s troubles with a SMILE.

We all are in the same boat,
Its just that different kind of troubles need different solutions to keep us afloat!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty thy name is...LIFE!!!

Sunshine and rain,
Are like happiness and pain,
They come and they go,
So don’t have so much sorrow, 
Life rumbles on and on, 
We must learn to move on,
Stumbling blocks come our way,

We should not sway,
For our ultimate goal is to stay,
As happy as we can and spread the joy,
 To people who are in need,

It will be a good deed,

A smile can change an evil heart,

Give it good thoughts and a brand new start,
      Don’t ever forget your objective here,
   Life is to be enjoyed and it is here. 

Forgive and Forget.....

Death will come fast and swift,
Why should you have a life of rifts,
Learn to forgive friends and foe alike,
For people will come and go as they like.
Make your life precious as gold,
May people remember you for your good deeds untold,
Give them every chance to rejoice your life,
Before you board away from life!!!

Innocence Aged !!!!

Age can play such a part,
In our life to set it apart,
We had nothing when we were young,
But we were happier than ever then,
So what has changed our lives now,
Why have we forgotten our childhood somehow,
How we were free n happy,
With nothing to worry besides a full belly
            Innocently we would fight,
                                                      Holding on to our toys tight,
                                                      How times change when we get old,
                                                      We lose our innocence which is worth gold,
                                                      We fight we bicker to no end,
                                                      Age plays such a part,
                                                      I wish my childhood and me would never part,
                                                      Happiness is what we felt then,
                                                      Today life has left no true  happiness within.

No Better Way than to Live Today!!!!

One day we all shall go,
Leave this world and space hollow,
Learn to live here n now,
For tomorrow we don't know,
Shall we be here or not,
Make sure people forget you not,
Do enough good deeds in this life,
You shall be lucky someone would call upon you in strife,                                                  
Everyday you won't get a chance, 
To see it rain and get a chance to dance,
There is no better way to say,
Life is now and here to stay.

Age Free.......

I want to be free,
Free of hate, free of rage,
Free of all the responsibilities that come with age,
I want to be young once more,
Sleep in my cradle once more,
I wish never to age,
Never have emotions such as rage,
I want to love everyone around me,
I want to be free of all the envy,
I want none to suffer because of me,                                        
I want to just be free free free.